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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by meko, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. meko


    I am an ex floor trader. I used to trade on the Amex and am now looking for a good place to trade electronically. Does anyone have any information on who has a good platform and low commissions on options? Or information on hedge funds using option strategies/
  2. What happened to you when you were on the floor? Why did the casino floor make you to leave and becom one of their customers out of the circle?
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    IB has low rates ($1/option, no minimum, for SMART routing; $1.95 for direct). Check their website for details, including cancellation fees. www.interactivebrokers.com
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    nomore options, how much have you lost and were you a buyer or a seller?
  5. Just21, you don't piss here. I was talking to the thread starter about something important, i.e. to realize this options game is a losing gamble.

    Now I am answering you question for the first and the last time here in this thread. If you want more details, start a polite thread the ask more tips. I was a winner in the options games. I had decent trading incomes. But I decided to stop as I realized if I continue I will be a loser eventually as you just hope for. As for buyers or sellers, I was both. Maybe more on the long side due to my shy margin capacity. Does this answer your question? Now kiss my a*s and good bye.

  6. Just because you received money when you sold your long options back to others (at a loss), does not mean that money was income.

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    I'm using IB at the moment and I'm trying to trade more or less delta-neutral, however they don't give you a haircut like on the floor. So I'm also looking at another deal. I get the impression you can do options with pro-firms like echotrade, but think (from reading their manual, I could be wrong) that you can only buy on the offer and sell on the bid, so you replace one problem with another one. Anybody has more knowledge on this subject ?
  8. Come on. We had just filed the tax returns. Now relax and forget it. If you are talking about something else, you are an as*h*le, hard.

    By the way I have to point out the same unspeakable tactics used by scamer hookers including tobacco companies, casinos, and criminals in the markets. They always, I meant all the time, try to put out truth teller and different voice against their criminal conducts by claiming the oppositions are losers. Now think, people, If Iam anti smoking, must I be a cancer patient who smoked? If I am against gambling, must I have lost in a casino? Last not the least, they are the most shameless inhuman by calling people mental problem.

  9. Yes more details on this please. Thanks.

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    Frankly Nomoreoptions, who cares what you think or what you did or didn't do? Go and seek mental help, you need it.
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