Equity markets will close up

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rickshaw Man, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. They wont let the market close with a weekly loss not with all this good news on earnings. Market will close up from here.
  2. you are correct sir..

    Friday = Buyday for normal Monday free money market gap up

    why fear holding long over the weekend?

  3. Start buying hand over fist, equity markets closed down yesterday absolutely no way will it close down today, all aboard for the slow move higher. One thing is for certain you have nothing to worry about if your long.
  4. As absurd as the constant bid is in the US indicies, its nothing compared to the Eurostoxx and Dax.
  5. YM is sitting near its low for the week, this is a buying opportunity as the contracts are being accumulated. If it should dip below 10590 it just to flush out the weak hands. This market has a strong hand that is supporting it nothing to fear what so ever. Now is the time to buy right now @ 10620 mark it down.
  6. No fear is so bullish
  7. Yep just look at it go
  8. volente_00


    Good call Rick, that was some easy money.


  9. why is it that everyone doubts you?
  10. Next stop 10700 easy money.
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