Equity margins up again...

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Overnight, Jan 9, 2020.

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    I remember when Silver futures crossed $45 in 2011, and the CME increased margin rates....silver prices collapsed a couple of days later.
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    Yup, looks like today after the close slight increase on stock index futures and a few other markets. You can see the margins when updated or go into effect after today's close at:


    Please note multiple key margin increases, per attached from CME:

    ES $6930 --> $7260

    NQ $7960 --> $8250

    YM $5500 --> 6050

    RTY $3300 --> $3520

    GC $4950 --> $5500

    SI $5720 --> $6050

    HG $2640 --> 2970
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    ES leverage of almost 23x. I think you'll live.
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    My "better clients" try to use 50% or 100% of the overnight margins even when day trading even though we offer as low as $500 for day trading.
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    Indeed, that is how I trade...I look at an entry I am about to take and think to myself, for example, "K, current initial on this one contract is 5500." The broker daytrade margin is 1000. I don't see it that way, because by allowing myself the full margin I can give myself more room on a possible swing, rather than going max level of the day margin, which to me is suicidal.
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    I don't remember that exactly ;
    but I do remember a Trading Magazine chart had a chart of the many silVer margin increases/price, good uptrend for 52 weeks.............................................................................. I don't really have an opinion on the silver uptrend, if you think its going to $45 +50+, fine with me. DOW + margin does looks to HI; but ES, NasdaQ, QQQ + SPY looks fine. DOW , which I seldom trade, tends to get too HI, but by end of year, amazing how 52 weeks almost always helps LOL
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