Equity Futures Spread Trading

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  1. Anyone have any resources/info about this topic? I assume you just uses ratios that give you equal dollar values based on a moving average price.

    I know of a FREE seminar in Chicago next week. I can't make it but if someone local could go I'd love to have a copy of the notes. PM me if you're interested.
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    Are you talking about the number of futures traded on each leg?? Just take the ratio defined to get SPAN intercommodity Margins( ES-ER2 = 1/1, ES / NQ= 1/2 ... ).

    They are all listed on the CME website "performance bonds" link.
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    I was talking about this link :http://www.cme.com/html.wrap/wrappedpages/clearing/pbrates/PBISInterEQ.htm?h=2

    I found it to be quite different from the ratios I came up with( it was based on average true range rather than contract value ), but who wants to pay full margin for a spread?

    ER2/ES spread margin is 1,5K for example( 80 % discount on a 4K + 3,5K margin ). It applies as soon as the 2 legs are entered.
  4. Oops, I saw that page but totally missed the ratios.