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    RefcoFX, the foreign exchange division of The Refco Group, is seeking experienced equity/futures day traders to trade proprietary capital in the FX market. With over 180,000 clients and offices around the world, as well as over 30 years experience in the financial markets, the Refco Group is bringing its experience and strength to the world's most lucrative market: foreign exchange trading. Prop traders selected by a firm affliated with RefcoFX will receive the opportunity to trade firm capital on a platform that offers streaming quotes straight from the interbank market, private execution, and transparent spreads.

    Advantages of prop trading with Refco include:

    Commission Free Trading
    No Capital Required Trade Remotely
    50/50 Profit Sharing
    Trade 24 Hours a Day
    Enjoy tight Spreads Directly From Multiple Interbank Market Makers
    Complete Privacy of Trading Activity

    To qualify as a prop trader, applicants must attend a seminar in New York City hosted by RefcoFX on Monday, September 22 at 5:00 PM.

    Interested applicants should submit their resume to prop@refcorapid.com or by fax at 212.897.7669.
  2. Ok how much is the seminar beside air tickets.
  3. Your nick serving you realy well
  4. Can remote foreigner join this program? if yes, how?

    I am sure many foreign traders have same question
    who aren't able to attend the seminar.

    May be a good track record will be fine
  5. "market surfer "was refering too a few weeks ago?
  6. trade on the Demo to show a recent track record in FX?
  7. Did anyone attend the September 22nd seminar? If so, what were they offering (account size/size/split)?