Equity fund cash outflows this week 8-14-06/8-18-06

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  1. This is real interesting, I dont think I have ever seen the market rise this much with negative equity inflows.

    I have been watching this for years, and have seen the market rise a tad with negative inflows but never this kind of rise.

    Oh shoot, this just goes to show how a pre market futures ramp up ,and cash market opening gaps can work magic, because folks that is what you just witnessed this week, pure market manipulation at its finest.
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    Absolutely agreed. I've recently learned an important lesson that I can't predict the markets. I can only go with the flow because these big shots can do whatever they want with markets.

    To add to your data, August has been the slowest month of the year for the last 18 years and yet the market is having no problems rallying on low volume.
  3. Relax! Take a cold shower. This month's stock outflows are negligible. Taxable bond funds must be in a "bubble" because of their constant inflow of money.
  4. That weekly outflow of $938 million out of stock funds represents less than half of 1 percent of the dollar weekly volume of NYSE and NASDAQ, which is about $350 billion. All that can be said about it is that some "street" money left the equity funds, and around 200 times that amount was traded. The $350 billion were perhaps broken as $177 billion to buy and $173 billion to sell, resulting in a stock market rally this week. If that's manipulation, it goes on every single week, day, and hour.