Equity curve in system signal?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by cosmic, Aug 27, 2002.

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    has anyone an idea how I could include the system's equity curve in the signal for TradeStation? Put another way: the system should have a feedback to see if it is worth trading or not. When the open equity falls below an X-Period MA of the equity the stop trading the system immediately and resume trading when this MA is crossed again.

    But I guess with the I_OpenEquity Function I will not get there because once I stopped trading, the equity will never change again. Maybe I need a parallel user function for the system itself...but how could that be programmed?

    Does anyone has another approaches or ideas?

    COSMIC :)
  2. I posted something earlier, the only way to do that with TS is by using a DLL or by creating an ASCII equity and importing it as an Data2 kind of thing. There is an article published on the WL-site that might help you too. You find it here:


    On the website you find quite a good number of systems that use the equity. Since WS and EL are similar you might get some useful information.