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  1. vetten


    hello folks,

    equitrend is a subscription based firm that give signals when to buy and sell
    has anybody had any experience with them?
    are their figures trustworthy?

    have a primo day:)
  2. Have you found out any information regarding Equitrend since your posting?
  3. vetten


    hello option trader,

    sorry, no I haven`t found out anymore about equitrend........

    am now into Canslim, so am not interested anymore......

    no help here I`m afraid
  4. Are you using Validea?
  5. vetten


    nah I`m doing my own screening
  6. ===================
    Canslim has stood the test of time and;
    equitrend has a 30 day free trial,
    no credit card/debit card info required for 30 day free trial.

    William o' Neil. inventor of nickname can slim, also;
    mentioned ''10-15% prudent limit of total investment money in options.''

    Lots of traders think because of the number of puts & calls , like $42 QQQQ is a key short term support & resistance level .
    I use to tthink that ; but over the years , changed my mind & figure actually its because the option market makers are simply good at picking helpful short term S & R levels, like $42 QQQQ.

    :cool: Hope this helps.