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Discussion in 'Trading' started by scrap, Dec 5, 2005.

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    I have ten years experience trading equities at a couple different banks and a hedge fund. I am looking to get back to the business after having spent the past year traveling with my wife. My question to the board is this, is the equity market really worth getting back into after all of the changes it has gone through in the last few years? Can you still make a decent living there? Should I be focusing more on trying to land a job at the NYMEX in some capacity? Everyone I know mentions that I would probably have more success with the commodities market these days as they seem to be booming there. Any thoughts?
  2. Depends how you trade, but I was always taught if you are seriously edge trading then you want to be in the pool with the low profile sharks. There is a symbiotic relationship that exists in these markets. Whereas if you are used to being a "tide watcher" then you are going to want active and psychologically driven issues. Either way you can make money. Keep the abundance mindset there is plenty to be made out there in both equities and commodities. Welcome back.
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    Thanks for the reply. The majority of my experience is in market making with some proprietary trading done for a couple of years at a hedge fund. I understand that there are always ways to make money in both markets but in looking to the future it seems like commodities will be the place to be. I have been told that oil, natural gas, gold, silver, etc... will experience a bull market for the next twenty years as opposed to the one we had in equities for the past twenty years. Anyway, I was just curious to see what the board thought as I start my job search for the new year. Thank you again. Continued success.