Equities have topped, bonds have bottomed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RiceRocket, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Buy treasuries, sell equities. This is the end of the great inflation of 2011. There will be a hell of a hangover in the next 6 months. You better get out of your inflation trades. The ECB will be the trigger.
  2. Is it "1987" all over again? :eek: :D
  3. The bears always come out in force whenever there's a big down day or a pullback. I'm sure Robert Prechter will be on Bloomberg or CNBC in the coming days if we get any follow-through on the downside. He'll probably be wrong again...of course he'll say as an aside that his outlook is uber long-term. At some point he'll be right b/c if you say the same thing long enough, at some point you have to be right. Right?
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    Not really. I guess the measure for that kind of thing is when you start being right whether the shit goes to levels it was at before you started your vision with perhaps an expiration date of about 7 years for something very long term.