Equities and the carry trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ivanovich, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone seeing a disconnect as of late? I'm trying to acertain why that is...any input would be welcome.
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    please explain in specifics what you consider to be the normal environment.
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  4. the spread in rates has narrowed big time. the term "normal" is pointless since what was normal for a couple years was not normal before that and so on.

    not that anyone here is doing carry trades to use capital
  5. What I was actually pointing to was the seemingly recent disconnect between equities and the yen. It would seem that as the equity market was going down (when I made the OP) the yen was still going down against EUR and AUD).
  6. I noted the opposite. Equity going up, but eur/jpy not going up. This is may be a sign that the equity up move is suspecious, as it is going up without yen shorting. It may also mean that people are buying with cash, and not borrowing to play equities. In either case it means less money is flowing to equities.
  7. That's exactly my point!