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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Joe Doaks, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Inspired by the sheer genius of ProfLogic's EquiVolume, and ever mindful that there is a subculture on ET that thinks volume is more important than price, I am introducing today EquiPrice charting!

    The attachment shows a snippet from NQ today for an EquiPrice increment of 5 NQ points, with volume ramping up within each 5 point EquiPrice interval.

    Stay tuned for details on how to use it! As a teaser, you can clearly see that volume likes some five point increments better than others. My patented stochasticochaotic analysis tools will help you decide whether you want to make 5 points with more or less volume invested.

    Big-swinging-dick SCT traders will be pleased to note that this tool allows them to identify those times that 1000 cars will move the market $100 ten times more efficiently than the usual 10,000 cars required, greatly enhancing their already enviable money velocity.
  2. It is obvious from the underwhelming response that ET is not ready for enervation in strategy trading. So I will say no more, and leave you with this example. At 19:25 PT tonight (see the price spike on the far right), the NQ spread widened to 1.75 points ("Now put in BOTH hands. Now try to clap. Tight, ain't it?"). This allowed 5 NQ points of EquiPrice to be achieved with only 51 cars, so small you can't even see it on the chart. I rest my case as to the utility and validity of EquiPrice, and will disturb your somnolence no further.
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    I like volume candle.
  4. Nkhoi, one can always count on you for an intelligent response to a stupid thread. However, I fear you have legitimized it by your participation. Now everyone will think it is serious.

    Prolume is my version of what you posted. See the bottom pane on the attachment.
  5. OK, I'm going to give you knuckleheads one more chance to determine if this is a joke thread or the revelation of a powerful analysis tool. Attached is today's one-minute EquiPrice chart for NQ. Do you notice anything about midday? Or near the close? Like maybe the idea was to generate as much volume as possible without giving you any profitable price volatility back for it?

    Or did I just turn EquiVolume on its ear to make a bad joke?

  6. absolute brilliance! this research deserves a permanent place in p.logics hall of fame!!

  7. Do I take it then that you think it is a joke at Proffy's expense? Be careful, it's a trick question.