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  1. I am for a wall between church and state, protecting both.

    I am also not in favor of extremism when it is used to rationalize violence.

    However, I also don't think that the extremist response of the right to condemn all of Islam is appropriate either.

    It is one of the major religions, period.

    Now, do I think that it is being followed according to Mohammed's wishes?

    No, very few take the Koran and other writings as they were intended, which is spiritual, not material or political. I have said this before, I believe that when Mohammed refers to the infidel, he is talking about that part of the mind of a follow of Islam who puts worldly pleasures before the love of God. (Mohammed may have been speaking in a material manner to his close associates as to what to do in their own lives and the political process...but that message was for THEM, not all future Muslims. The true teachings of any Saint or real prophet are 100% spiritual and about God, not about making things happen in this world.

    The same essential teaching is the foundation of all major religions, i.e. the Kingdom of God is within, not to be found in this world, nor is it any concern what others do in the world as long as they are not harming others. Each Said and prophet come for specific group of people, and they speak to the level of understanding of their audience.

    Anyone killing in the name of God, or non God (that means the atheists) is not someone I support in their behavior, especially when it is not necessary for them to practice their spiritual program.

    I see fundamentalism and extremist thinking on both sides of this coin, as both sides make it their business to tell others how they should live their lives, what beliefs to hold, etc. I see tremendous expressions of hate toward all Muslims from the right wingers. What I don't see is tolerance and acceptance of others in their own personal belief systems.

    Moderate Christians, Moderate Muslims, now that's more like it, you know, the live and let live type.

    Do I support a movement within Islam to reform Islam to return it back to a truly inner and spiritually based practice, that cares not about politics or what others do as long as they don't keep Muslims from the practice of their own religious beliefs peacefully?

    Yes, 100%...

    As Christians you are supposed to love the sinner, and not be supportive of the sin but that is a rare point of view coming from the right, if ever. The right thinks their view of God is right and the only right view, so do the Muslims...so there is no room for any tolerance and acceptance. We as Americans have a right and a duty to show the world we are good and loving people first, not just as extreme in our thinking as those whose actions we oppose.

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  2. jem


    more leftist propaganda

    where do you get off saying the christian right does not support a muslims right to worship as they please.

    Christians not only tolerate other religions they support your right to practice them. They even support your right to spew hate.

    Only a disingenuous leftist would attack Christians as intolerant because they thinks Muslims are wrong when they say Jesus was not divine.
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  3. Utter crap...

    Look, I realize the truly spiritual side of Christianity has no appeal to you, but why don't you at least try, just at least try to act like a good Christian from time to time...


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  4. maxpi


    One of Satan's nicknames is "The Accuser". Personally, I see news about some morons from the midwest that protest soldier's funerals where they are accusing them of all sorts of stuff and I think they are satanic but people devoid of discernment call them fundamentalists.

    Anyhow, ZZZZzzzzzzzSupertroll's posts are all accusing in nature and his arguments are completely irrational so that's where he is coming from, no biggie to me.
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  5. Oh, what a logical post, full of fact to back it up...


    I mean, jem is a complete idiot, so I have to give him that because it takes at least some brains to be an idiot...evidence for his lunacy is that I posted comments about the true spiritual nature of religion (something liberals are accused by the right of being devoid of belief in) and take time to illustrate the gap between the rap of the right wingers and their klannish actions, but you are just too programmed to even consider that you even have an elevated condition of stupidity...you brain doesn't even work well enough to be qualified as a dolt...you are like a toy robotic figure programmed to stiff and jerky regressive klannish movements...


    Ooooooooooouuuuuooooooie, the Satan slam from Maxipads...

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  6. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, because that is where the laws of God operate truly, and they can operate only truly because they are the laws of truth.

    But seek this only, because you can find nothing else. There is nothing else.

    God is All in all in a very literal sense. You are the Kingdom...along with your brother.

    This has been deliberately forgotten, and with it, God's laws. Another set of laws has taken their place...seemingly.

    So God is in your brother and your brother is in God. Remember your brother and you will remember God.

    The way to learn this is to allow miracles to be worked through you without any ranking in order of difficulty...according to the laws of God.

    Miracles, then, establish that the laws of the Kingdom supersede any laws of this world. As those laws are applied here, there is healing.

    Healing is a way of forgetting the sense of danger the ego has induced in you, by not recognizing its existence in your brother.

    When you heal, you are remembering the laws of God and forgetting the laws of the ego. Forgetting is merely a way of remembering better.

    Forgetting is the way out of conflict.

    So miracles are done "in remembrance of me", which is the same as to remember your brother as he was created...one with you in glory.

    To be in the Kingdom is merely to focus your whole attention on it.

    As long as you believe you can attend to what is not true - ie. the state - you are accepting conflict as your choice.

    So there is good reason to separate "church and state". But what it really means is to separate truth from illusion.

    The state and "Ceasar" are the symbols of illusion. Church is the symbol of the truth.

    Healing - and therefore peace - is found by bringing illusion to truth so that it can be examined. Once brought together, only the truth will remain.

    They cannot coexist.

    The state is a symbol of an alien thought system. For such a system to maintain it's existence, the mind must dissociate, compartmentalize, and keep the false system in the dark.

    Thus, a wall between truth and illusion is in the state's interest.

    But when illusion is placed side by side with truth for inspection, illusion is separated out such that it ceases to exist because it is no longer seen as valuable.

    Only illusions clash. Illusions cannot clash with the truth.

    As church is exchanged for the symbol of tyranny, "Separation of Church and State" is an attempt to avoid the clashing of two illusions: organized religion and organized chaos...each of which has a unique brand of egoic laws regulating behavior.

    But behavior is not the level for either teaching or learning, and weakens both the teacher and learner. This is because you can act in accordance with what you do not believe, and thereby teach inconsistently.

    An inconsistent lesson will be poorly taught and poorly learned. To regulate behavior is to make the body real, which is not true. Thus the inconsistency with "100%" spiritual messages.

    As Islam attempts to merge itself with an illusion via behavior, there is no peace.

    Its attempts to unify the world under one thought system is symbolic.

    As Christianity attempts to merge itself with an illusion via behavior, there is no peace.

    Freedom and peace are indeed found in unity, but not at the level of the body and its behavior, since the body is the symbol of separation.

    Unity and its peace is of the mind.

    To value the body is to value the separation of mind...which is to value illusion.

    That is why no government of bodies will bring peace.

    And that is why the Kingdom of God is "not of this world".

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  7. Yes because there is an alien part of the mind that informs you that you are guilty. Proof that you believe it is your body, with eyes specifically calibrated to see other bodies, like "yourself".

    Satan is a trumped up version of what I have called the "ego", which is the idea of an alien will dedicated to separation. It is something the Son of God - you - made to make real the idea of separation.

    This was done because it requires more than one to either make or create...ie. "where two or more are gathered".

    To make this world, an "idea" was made your partner-in-crime so-to-speak. It is a depository of insane wishes and fantasies, empowered to execute and make them "real".

    This I call the "ego".

    And it is the "God" of this world, having made all time, space, and form in a single instant...along with your cooperation.

    And it is guilt that builds and maintains this world.

    Your cooperation is dependent on a state of perpetual guilt. So the ego is always "accusing" you of one thing or another.

    Guilt literally makes time linear, guaranteeing that the future will be like the past.

    Time is an invention of the ego, and it "lives" on borrowed time. It lives longer if it can convince you that you are guilty.

    Thus, this world and its laws guarantee that you will make mistakes.

    So you will always be "guilty" of something while in time.

    It has convinced you that you are guilty for separating from God. It has convinced you that you can separate from God, and that separation is real.

    "Proof" of separation are the bodies the ego has provided for you in its "creation".

    As long as you value its solutions to the problem of guilt, you will be slave to time. In this way, the body crucifies you to a horizontal plane where past and future are the same, trapping you within time.

    All of this is healed by God's plan for salvation.

    God's plan is the opposite of accusation. It is the declaration of universal innocence upon all who think themselves guilty.

    This is more than a mere gesture. It is the truth.

    As you learn to stop listening to the ego, you will at first be disoriented as you withdraw faith in your identification with it and its symbol - the body.

    But that is when you start truly living.

    This world was made in partnership with an entity that is not real...so the world is not real.

    Innocence removes you from time and places you back in eternity, where is your home.

    Separation fosters guilt. Oneness releases you from guilty feelings.

    Heaven is Oneness.

    What God has joined let no "man" - ie. body - put asunder. God joined your mind with His and with your brother's in your creation.

    This is true. Let what is true be true, and you will experience the release from guilt and the peace of God.

    Without guilt, the world would disappear. If you value the world, you must then value the guilt that perpetuates it.

    Such is the world...where there is gnashing of teeth, and the worm never dies.

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  8. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=1509226&highlight=quran#post1509226 and there is a dozen other threads where i say similar stuff... now why don't u re-read my "diatribe" as u say and have a rethink, now that i, hopefully, have addressed YOUR question...?
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  9. jem


    first let me point out how you avoid answering serious questions. Your response above was feeble.

    While I find your attempts to bait me the work of a mad man, I will give you a chance to explain yourself. Why don't you tell me why I should allow you to continually spew lies and hatred about the Christian right in order to manifest more a more palatable Christianity to you.

    By the way I am not even part of the Christian right.

    Then I will ask you how come you do not show more tolerance of the Christian Right. Do they not have constitutional right to be politically active. Do they not deserve to oppose your views on abortion and gay marriage? Who died and made you the arbiter of all political rights in America.
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