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    Chuck Missler pointed out decades ago that the problem with the Muslim religion is that it cannot coexist with Israel and Christianity because it claims it's people are the "true descendants of Abraham". He predicted the current middle east conflict too and I think he said it would have to go nuclear at some point.
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  2. omg.. this post wins the all time Klannish award !!!! this is a five star Klannish *****
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  3. Muslims coexist quite nicely here in America with Jews and Christians.

    It is a matter of some extremists groups, not an entire religion.

    Imagine it is the 1800's, and Christians are slaughtering Native Americans...is that a blight on Christianity and all Christians should be condemnedf, or just a percentage of ignorant mongrel Christians who live in America and are completely self absorbed in their own religion? How about white right Christians who lynched African Americans, do the represent the real Christianity?

    How about Christians who bombed Belfast? Does that make all Christians guilty?

    Part of the problem, or at least why we are not moving toward a solution, is the fundamentalist right wing who paint everything with a broad brush, project their own klannishness onto an entire religion.

    In the history of mankind, more people have died at the hands of Christians than Muslims, but that killing had nothing to do with Jesus Christ, it had to do with fundamentalist all or nothing right wing regressives who believe in killing in the name of their God, who is not the God of Jesus Christ, as Christ condemned such animalistic behavior.

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  4. Too bad Muslims coexist quite nicely with islamic fundamentalists and terrorists too, here in America, Europe, Middle East and all over the world. That muslims keep a low profile here in America where they are a tiny minority with no real infuence yet is not surprising and is not in dispute but the more their numbers, power and influence increase, the stronger they become, the more they will start showing their true colors the way the do in France, Denmark and the UK.

    Lest we forget the nation of Islam which hardly gets along all that well with Jews or Christians. And of course never mind that one out of four young U.S. Muslims believe homicide bombings against civilians are OK to "defend Islam,"
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  5. Every religious group at one time or another has been seen with extremists groups, all of whom rationalize killing in the name of God.

    I know you are a religious bigot, but do you have to repeatedly soil yourself publicly?

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    First of all prove that quote you made about more people killed by Christians.

    Prove that more Christians use the sword to force people into Christianity.

    2. Prove your point that the right wing is causing the problems with Islam. Christians do not believe in killing in the name of God. Your statements are so disgustingly filled with hate.

    Try going to Christian churches and find Pastors who support murder and war.

    Try going to a Christian Church. You would probably like Catholic Church -- its messages are very much against war and frequently socially liberal except for abortion - which is murder of innocents you know. something you should be against.
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  7. Christianity has been around longer than Islam, the Christian nation of the USA killed how many in WWII alone?

    I feel badly if you are too stupid to do the math of all the people killed by Christians since the birth of Christianity, versus the number of people killed by Muslims.

    Your stupidity and myopia is beyond even my imagination...

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  8. WTF???

    Those groups=the groups that are killing infidels because of their religious beliefs and not because of western foreign policy in the middle east...

    BUT -

    We need to examine our foreign policy with Israel and take responsibility for our sins in the Middle East = the groups are killing infidels cuz of our foreign policy.

    I'd ask to clarify this seemingly opposite statements, buuuuuuuuuuut, we all know how you'd respond.

    So..... CARRY ON !!!:) :cool:
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  9. Look, if you want to be real (don't know if that is possible) there are millions and millions of Americans (and others worldwide) who felt like nuking the entire middle east after 9/11.

    The good fortune of 200+ years of somewhat civilized behavior (it is relative of course) and what was learned in Europe after generations of bloody wars doesn't take away the primitive and religious driven feelings of hate.

    Those are not new, but it is the policy in the Middle East by the U.S. and others over the past 50 years that has pushed people over the edge into rationalizing violence in the name of religion. Religious bias is not new, history is replete with it, but when people then take the step of rationalizing killing in God's name, it is nearly always a political, not genuinely religion only style crusade/jihad.

    If/when we see another type of 9/11 event in America, I have no doubt that the cries to "nuke them all" will ring loud and long by the violence mongers. Who knows, we may even have a president who is foolish enough to do just that...

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  10. Every religious group at one time or another has been seen with extremists groups, all of whom rationalize killing in the name of God.
    I agree, Islam today is a blood-thirsty medieval religion just like Christianity was 1000 years ago during the crusades. I am not quite sure how this is an excuse though as getting stuck in the medieval ages and having savage mentality today in the 21st century is exactly what muslims are criticized for.

    I know you are a religious bigot
    I am not religious.
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