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  1. Trading 101 right up top here folks.

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  2. Allaces


    I think you may be referring to his paintshop account.. i've seen the real one :p
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  3. BINGO...

    thinking and analyzing only clouds ones' vision imo
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  4. But he is still entitled to his optinion and he doesnt post in all the thread; just a few of them such as the 100% up room to go ones.

    And while this is a trading forum the definition of trading is subjective. Some people may define trading as only holding on to a position for a few seconds or minutes while some have a long timeframe such as a few weeks to a few months.
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  5. Makloda was a raging bull during the 2003 lows.

    That was the time to buy, baby. So many 10 and even 30 bagger since then.

    Whether he was lucky or skilled in making that call back then, I will never take it away from him.

    Buy when the stock certificates of fundamentally good companies are handled as if they are contaminated with ebola.
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