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  1. Geez, cut me some slack makloda. I'm in your camp.

    My point being, these ain't corn, wheat, and pork bellies people buying here.

    Income-producing assets. Dollar worth less.

    So why would anyone ever short the market ??
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  2. EQT...
    Have you thought about when the zero-risk will become risk? What would it take?
    rate hikes, dollar spike, terrorist attack?

    You must have some idea as to when you should reverse course?

    Cheers buddy...and ignore these posers...it's called jealousy...shit, i'm jealous...wish I could buy and hold like that..
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  3. And don't gang up on me because of my post count !!

    I could post LOVE ZERO RISK $$$$$$$$$ 500 times.

    But then I'd be called a girl !!

    Just a humble grasshopper yearning to learn from the masterful dipsters !
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  4. Allaces


    Don't worry, none of these clowns do it either.. but they'll be back after the bounce claiming they did it.. never in realtime though :p
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  5. You can and probably are....it's called an IRA.

    EqtTrdr is NOT a trader. He simply likes to come here and cheerlead his retirement account.
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  6. soon as the weekly/monthly trend is down I will say 100% down room to go

    until then.... to the moon Alice!!
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  7. Statistics show that 80% of daytraders will fail

    I don't understand why people are opposed or distain position trading when statistics are in favor of it.
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  8. Allaces


    Wow.. bet nobody thought of that
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  9. I think way more than 80% of daytraders fail.

    I don't disdain position trading at all. Besides my main trading account, I have other accounts specifically for longer term position holdings (options, funds, penny stocks, etc).

    I just don't see why anyone would feel compelled to troll a TRADING website all day when the only market exposure he has is a long term retirement account.
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  10. From what I remember, Makloda's account is actually 8 figures.
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