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  1. Just curious...and am completely humbled by your dip-buying skills...how many contracts have you amassed since your bottom call in 2003...
    You must just be buying buying buying?
    Are you indexing or stock picking??

  2. He's been spot on

    kudos to him
  3. Thank you but I have ZERO skills. There is no need to have any idea how to trade. Thoughts only serve to cloud one's vision.

    I trade 20% my total account size in Nq/Er2 in mIRC for the past 5 years and post my trades in #patterns.

    I always go long and have never posted a losing trade as documented by the room. Why no losing trades? Because I ONLY GO LONG and there is ZERO RISK in doing so....

    I have 80% of my holdings in a long term account since 2002 when I started to accumulate. These holding include what was QQQ, DIA, IWM, also RYVYX, and BLPIX

    Thank you and good luck to you !

  4. oh and I dont trade or invest in stocks..


    stocks have risk..

    indexes don't....

  5. feb2865


    thre questions and please excuse me if you have post this before

    1) what time frame do you use??

    2) stop loss??

    3) Profit target???

    very curious. By the way don't mean to ridiculize or make fun of your strategy like some people do when they ask questions, I am always open to new things.

  6. Allaces


    He hasn't made a cent.. just another sideline cheerleader

  7. 5 min chart intra day. I use a custom DSS indicator. Sort of a William Blau Double Smoothed Stoch knock off I developed. I wait for indicator bottom on 5 min chart and go long. I take profits based on volume, DSS indicator top, or touch of upper keltner band.

    I dont use a stop loss as it is not ever necessary for my trading. There is ZERO risk of loss. The only thing a stop loss will do is make sure you lose money.
  8. Yes, another curious grasshopper on sidelines.

    Dip 10 pts., take 10 pts. ??

    Dip 10 pts. take 20, 50 pts. ??

    Curiosity runs deep !!!
  9. Geez, my post took too long !!

    So what happened to tick below 1000, trin at 2, two loser days ??

    Been watching that action for two months now.

    Humble grasshopper yearning to learn.

  10. I defer to myminitrading, restricted, rickshawman, makloda, stktrdr,s2007s, and stock_trad3r. + all the others I missed

    who routinely collect free money with ZERO risk
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