EqtTrdr is right -No risk!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by duard, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Summer time is not the time to trade the index futures, trade DIA,SPY,QQQQ. much less stress., and their so much to do during the summer, golf, fish, ski.
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  2. go market go!!

    I love ZERO RISK $$$
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  3. Miles and miles and miles of NO RISK<sup>TM</sup>!!!
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  4. you win eqt. I cannot get down to your childish level. Just the fact that you answer you're own posts God knows how many times a day, but you absolutely refuse to ask any of the real questions anyone puts to you! I have my own opinion of you, others may not share it, but i'm sure i'm not alone. I hope you grow up at some point and maybe even trade once or twice, but with how much time you spend here, I don't see it happening. On ignore you go! Happy trading to everyone who actually trades here. Eqt, get bent, poser
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  5. Props to Da Dipsters !!!!

    LONG AND STRONG !!! $$$$
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    EqtTrdr, so?
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  7. <i>"Miles and miles and miles of NO RISKTM!!!"</i>

    Is there any risk yet? :eek:

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  8. I was wondering when this thread would be bumped. Scary times ahead which should provide a great buying opportunity. I'm just not ready to jump in quite yet.
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