EQ versus TS 6.0 and QCharts 4.1

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lojze, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. lojze


    I know TS and QC. How is EQ compared to both?

    I see here a lot of fame for EQ, but hopefully somebody can help me
    with real comparison. Also regarding the total cost of using the

  2. jem


    I use both. EQ has scanning and multple time frame capabilities. It also has superior programmable speadsheets. Tradestation has backtesting and I believe better system alerting capablities. I also like its charting (except for multiple time frame) better than EQ.

    Basically EQ is much more flexible but its lack of backtesting is a liablity. Also in the past Quote.com was not that reliable but it has improved. But systems are designed on and for TS.

    As a backup system I would pick ErlangerQuote. If it is to be your only quote system it is a tough call and depends on your needs.
  3. lojze


    Right now I am using TS 6.0, primarily because of good charts and alerting. I am also using QC because of the pre- and aftermarket charts.

    I didn't decide yet, if I should use one or two programs, but I would like to cost the costs if possible.

    So you idea is to stay with TS and maybe add EQ? Does EQ has any good learning manual?


  4. I've never used EQ...is their a website link? (I'll check the software threads)

    Yet...I've used TradeStation 6 in the past (still have their SuperCharts) and still using Lycos Finance QCharts.

    Here's some simple rules:

    If your a VISUAL trader and exclusively trading a few financial instruments...GO WITH QCHARTS.

    If your doing EITHER...a lot of backtesting or still trying to figure out your trade signals or realtime alert signals or watching a lot of stocks or trading different stocks each day...go with TradeStation, MetaStock or Advanced GET (if your into waves)...they become your eyes.

    If your budget has no limits...use QCharts and one of the other realtime packages with backtesting, realtime alerts on customized indicators and such (TradeStation, MetaStock, Advanced GET and any other in this particular category).

    Nihaba Ashi
  5. lojze


    I am using almost exclusively candlesticks, so I like TS. Also I like at TS 6.0 the alerts.

    But maybe there is anything better here?

    And funds are scarce.