EQ \ RQ formula exchange

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Free Thinker, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. hoping to get a place started where EQ users can exchange formulas for scans and intraday alerts.im trying to work out a s\r daily scan for eq right now.does anyone have a scan for daily s\r already done that works?
  2. Neil


    Hi vhehn,
    sounds good.. are you thinking traditional pivot point support and resistance? R1, S1 etc...

    I have figured the formulas for those into chart studies and also as formulas in a scan/quote board that tells me the value of last price from the main s/r points... can then sort for those stocks nearest s/r.. could use it in a scan to find them in the first place also..

    Is this the kinda thing you are after? Happy to share if so.. do you know of the EQ board on yahoo? Also, there is this thing called the 'Gate' on EQ.. I guess you have seen that.. a hangover from ravenquote days I think, but has other people's workspaces psoted and unless they have locked the formulas it is possible to paste any interesting ones into your own workspaces..

  3. thanks neil. no im not.the pivot points are easily coded because they have a set starting point.i have those already.
    i looked all through the gate and didnt find anything there.