EQ (ErlangerQuote ex Ravenquote) Users?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Neil, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. Neil


    Hi.. any EQ (ErlangerQuote ex Ravenquote) users on here?

    I am a user of nextrend but am trying the new relaunched EQ since I want a few more features than nextrend offers.. eg more formulas and quote board sorting etc..

    Looks good so far.. some really nice features. It uses Qcharts feed and seems like there is no need to run qcharts at all with EQ.. would be interested to hear any others observations.. there is a yahoo group for erlangerqoute but it is moderated and takes about 8hrs for me to get a message posted on there..

  2. chuv


    I was a RavenQuote user until the new owner doubled the price to 80 per month. I'm currently a Stockwatch pro user (found out about them at the Expo). Stockwatch pro pretty much has all of Erlanger Quote features but still costs 40 per month. I saw a comparison chart on Silicon Investor board
  3. Neil


    yes SWP seems good as well.. the only thing I found with them when I did a free trial was that when I put pivot formulas on a chart I had terrible slow redrawing on the screens.. drove me mad.. someone wrote somewhere here that they did not have multi-threading or something in the prog... not sure why myself..

    Otherwise it is similar but perhaps not so fully featured or smooth as EQ...

  4. fleance


    I was using Ravenquote mainly because of a few chart features -- I'm not really into formulas and alerts, etc..

    When the new owner came in and immediately doubled the rent from 40/month to 80/month on a piece of software which hadn't been maintained for many months, I was pissed off. That is not someone I want to be doing business with.

    However, if you are really into lots of chart indicators and formulas and alerts, EQ is a very powerful product and it is probably worth the price.

    I also noticed that the new EQ is moderated now; Not a good way to build goodwill among your users if you don't even trust what they have to say.

    eSignal has version 7.0 in beta which adds advanced charting and formulas to the product. Their current charting was horrendous when I tried it before; but supposedly some of the original QCharts developers are working on the 7.0 advanced charts, so it might be worth a try once they finish it.

  5. Neil


    Thanks fleance.. have been noting esignal's progress, will keep an eye on that..

    It seems that they are working hard on EQ.. eric who apparently worked on qcharts I believe.. is improving the program on a daily basis.. with weekly beta upgrades available and has managed to reduce the resource hog aspect a lot.. works no prob for me anyway..

    Also, I agree about the yahoo group moderation thing and duly noted that on a message to the board.. which thankfully made it intact through the moderation... people should be able to speak without censure.. unless totally obnoxious of course.. lol

  6. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    The programmer who wrote Ravenquote has been working on the new advanced charts in eSignal. The qcharts programmer who wrote the drawing tools in Advanced GET wrote the drawing tools for the new eSignal 7.0. Talk about the best of all worlds ... all included for the price of eSignal ...

    Check these pages out for charts examples:


    and now with a fomula engine:


    The beta will go gold in just a few more weeks,

    Chuck T.
  7. Who is that?
  8. Neil


    Well I don't know about that re esignal... have looked before at their website.. seems to be the most complicated billing method yet.. correct me if I am wrong but they charge something like $50 per month EXTRA for the privilege of having level 2 feed.. unless you pay for a YEAR in advance... is that right?? Sounds crazy to me... and limits to the number of symbols that you can view.. unless you pay more.. etc.. not impressed.. all adds up

  9. Who really cares if you're not impressed???

    You can't afford fifty bucks? And you're a trader?

    THAT sounds crazy to me.
  10. Neil


    'Who really cares if you're not impressed???

    You can't afford fifty bucks? And you're a trader?

    THAT sounds crazy to me.'

    Who says I can't afford 50 bucks? lol And who says I am a trader?? I am 'trying' to be a trader and while it might sound crazy to you Bung.. I am trying to find the best all round value for my charting.. my point was that $50 on top of all the other charges associated with esignal adds up and therefore has to be taken into account when comparing like with like..

    I started this thread to find out if anyone else had experience of EQ... while all comments are welcome of course.. I don't want it to become a venue for vendors of software to peddle their wares..

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