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    Well I started using an interesting product 3 weeks ago: Epsilon by Bravo Markets. The promise was that Epsilon makes money, and does it automatically by trading in the Binary Options arena. It covers the major indices, commodities, forex and stocks and works by using selected "systems" that exploit patterns in the market fluctuations. It also places the trades automatically with the BetOnMarkets broker (more brokers are supposedly to come). I believe it was released sometime last year, so reviews are limited at this point. Naturally, my defences were up! What I can say is that my experience with the product has so far been very revealing...

    The training process was top notch and no question went unanswered. Download and installation of the software was easy and I was up and running in about 10 minutes. I bought the program based on the results of my BetOnMarkets practice account. The results on the practice account seemed to good to be true so after purchase I was still sceptical. I put it to the test immediately with real money.

    I started with just $100 to get a feel of what it was going to do. I was a little bit too excited though, and kept switching between the markets and system selections. By the end of the day, I was pretty wrapped to see my account was up $10.21 off $100, which isn't too bad at all. In fact, I've not seen anything work and perform like this.

    The second day I deposited $1000 and went with small, high-volume conservative trades. I also mixed up the system selections a little. My BetOnMarkets account ended up a nifty $87.55. As you could imagine, I was totally wrapped. It was nice to see BetOnMarkets were quick to process my withdrawals, so that was also pleasing.

    The down-side to Epsilon? It's too addictive! The first week I barely slept; To watch a program basically depositing real cash into my broker account. I expect to have covered the initial cost of the package very quickly and I plan to step-up my trades so it will be paying my rent!