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    For those of you who are familiar with Erik Kolodny, from Epiphany Trading, LLC. He will resume posting his dialy blog and research in the Journals section.

    In the meantime, feel free to review his Epiphany Method, www.EpiphanyMethod.com

    Erik Kolodny's strategy / trade management focuses on consistency. His exceptional dedication and discipline have awarded him with 14 years of month to month profitability.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate.

  2. Obviously, I work with Epiphany. I'm also active here and welcome all questions or comments as well!!!
  3. ........(crickets chirping).......................
  4. Are you Erik ? :D
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    You'll note the president of the firm put the company's website in his post. Several dozen people in the last couple of days have asked for information of the firm much less me. Speaking for me, I know I ask important questions directly to people rather than put them in a public forum.

    In the interim, one kind piece of advice if you don't mind: five minutes before the bell, trade rather than post on an anonymous messageboard. I for one tend to earn much of my living just after the open and just before the close. Do not be afraid to trade around the open and close. I think (and hope) that you'll find your trading performance enhanced by trading at 3:55PM rather than posting on Elite Trader or any other forum.

    Good luck.


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    No. I am. Anything I post here is in my name. I don't believe in anonymity or hiding behind usernames.

  7. Imagine how much more money you could earn if you traded during the rest of the session. :)
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    In the interim, one kind piece of advice if you don't mind...
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    I am at my desk from 6AM-7PM most days. I trade the entire session, but find when next to nothing is going on in the middle of the day, I tend to lose money if I try to create something out of nothing. Just over 63% of my average day was earned by 9:45AM ET when I tallied my results for last year. So, that leaves the other 37% over the course of the day. But the preperation I do early in the morning tends to thankfully work when the market is at its busiest.

  10. You've found your point of "diminishing return". The tricky part now is to escalate your position size.
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