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    Below is a brief description of the elements in our criteria that constitutes a "Star". (Video Tutorial Available)

    News Spotlight: One of the primary elements of our criteria is a company or Industry that has recent news that is in the "Spotlight". Naturally, spotlighted news is heavily discussed in the main stream financial media, therefore, millions of investors around the world are aware of the company's stock activity for that day. In most cases, a stock that is "Spotlighted" in today's news may appear on our research blog . This news may be positive (a possible long position) or negative (a possible short position).

    Some examples of company news in the "Spotlight" may include the following:

    Earnings Announcements (expected or released)
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    Analyst Upgrade or Downgrade
    Employee Lay-Offs or Corporate Restructuring
    Resignation or the Appointment of Officers
    Corporate Buy-Backs
    Stock Split / Reverse Spit
    Company Product Approval or Disapproval
    Company or Industry related Catastrophes
    * In some cases, an idea for a stock may earn a Star even though the news is unrelated to that particular stock. For example, if oil prices drop significantly, this may be an opportunity to take a long position on stock in the airline industry.