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    Purpose: For Fun & Boredom

    Intent:Track Actual Compound Returns

    Update Frequency: Weekly

    Start Date: Jan 1 2011

    Instrument: Futures

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    A little more info:

    The snapshots I'll be posting are actual account snapshots from Interactive Brokers. The returns will be Time Weighted as the purpose is to track compounding returns regardless of capital inflows.

    The intent is to hit a target return of 20% each month. Actually, the goal is 1% each trading day, but I don't stop just because I hit it early in the morning. I start at 9:30am and stop at 4:00pm. Even though the futures markets are open all night, I don't trade them during that time.

    I came up short last month, so I'm not at the desired 72.8% for the first quarter. I've been trading for quite some time, so I'm past the revenge trading tendencies. If I under-perform expectations, oh well. I don't try to make it up. I just keep trying to hit the daily target. I don't make withdrawals except to pay taxes, so returns are expected to compound. We'll see how well I can scale this year.
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    This week was horribly slow. Probably the slowest week that I've had in about a year. Very few trades made. Probably about 1/10 of normal volume. Obviously the 1.76% return didn't even come close to the 5.1% target for the week.

    YTD return: 67.37%
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    Still slow so far this week. If volume is this light now, I can't image what the summer will be like.

    My strategy uses trading volume as one of the parameters, so when things get light I have to switch to a slightly altered rule set. It allows for me to get a bit more aggressive when things slow down like this. Obviously it increases risk if things start moving fast, so the key was to develop a rule set to determine when to scale back.
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    Another slow week. There were a couple days that I didn't get any trades and it shows in the results. Less than 2% returned this week. A gain is a gain I guess.

    I'd post a screenshot, but for some reason the IB page won't load. I'll try again tomorrow and it should work.
  7. Hi Epic

    nice performance so far, why did you ##;###;## out your beginning NAV on the first post? just some thing that was bugging me :)
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    Mainly because I made a withdrawal for taxes that threw the numbers off. So the ending NAV - beginning NAV didn't accurately represent the gains for the period. Figured if I left it that it might confuse people.

    If you'd like, I will repost the snapshot with that number present.
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    YTD Return -- 69.86%
  10. No its fine,

    Carry on :D
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