epic fail at life

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  1. I'm going to fail this stochastic calculus exam I have in 2-3 hours. Prof is hardcore. I studied for 5 days straight. I wish the guy used a decent book like Shreve, but he used some book translated from French that is so hardcore you need a PhD in math already just to understand it.

    I've never seen some of this stuff, but it doesn't help that the book is so condensed and technical.

    I survived job layoffs, survived every semester until this point. But now, ... now, I think I am going to crash and burn. My only hope is that everyone else is as clueless and retarded as I am and that I end up with a B-, because it's a PhD level class.

    I'm destined for failure like a stock_trad3r portfolio.
  2. You're being way, way too hard on yourself. First, don't put yourself in the same zipcode as community college idiot stock_trad3r.

    Second, failing this test - even this class - is so minute in the world of opportunity. I'm not trying to belittle the class or your choice of major, etc. I'm merely saying there is so much more. I make about $200k a year, and I couldn't get beyond basic calculus before losing it.
  3. I Remember an honors math class back at uni.

    50 point test.

    The mean was a 4.

    And you got two points for signing your name.

    Not sure that I learned anything meaningful there except not to play games like that.
  4. epic fail in another 30min. So stressed I'm about to execute the largest bowel movement in the history of mankind.

    wish me luck, so I don't end up on the welfare roles as a tax on all of you
  5. Repeat this several times to yourself before entering the room: "The professor will be grading on a curve".

    You'll be fine.
  6. What's the worst that can happen?

    You will fail.

    Big deal.

    You an take the class again, and maybe even get the college to expunge the prior grade from your record so it doesn't drag your GPA down.

    If you KNOW you're going to fail, is it too late to withdraw from the class?

    You may do better than you think. It's a tough course, and I'm sure the prof grades on a scale.
  7. Stoch. Calc. is giving you problems?

    Really? Why?

    And you're in a PhD level class?

    You must have slacked off for a while or something. Stoch. Calc. is not very difficult to do once you learn a few tricks.

    Anyway, you're probably in the test right now so good luck and like the other poster said, its meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

  8. I'll scan in my exam when I'm done. The stoch calc book from Shreve seems easy; however, this prof is throwing some hardcore stuff at us that is nowhere near what's in any of the books we're reading.

    It's one of those classes where you read the book, it makes sense, then walk into the exam and shit bricks with everyone else. Foreign prof, maybe wants to make all of us look really stupid [or maybe we are.]
  9. Reminds me of a Calc class many years ago. On the first midterm, it was too easy an exam (class average was a 90).

    So on the 2nd midterm, the prof decided to bring the average back down. It was a FORTY (40). You solve a problem, and your answer looked like none of the multiple choices. You had to do some weird conversions on your solution, to make it look like any of the mult choices. But you did not have time to do this.

    Even the teaching assistants (grad math students) struggled with the questions. Basically, you gave up, and started picking random choices.

    So 5 weeks worth of work, was useless in prepping for that 2nd test.

    *sigh* - I do NOT miss college days...
  10. Use Lawler (intro to stochastic processes) and Shreve to follow along. Works every time.
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