Epic collapse of KWEB

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by nitrene, Aug 17, 2021.

  1. nitrene


    I used to own the 2X KWEB (CWEB) fortunately I sold some back in April and the rest back in June, but I haven't seen such a collapse in the middle of a bull market like this ETF.

    Amazingly it is back to April 2020 levels. I assume the CCP crackdown on theses stocks has made them uninvestable.

    Does anyone think this has bottomed yet? I sold CWEB back in the $ 70s it just hit $18 today.

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  2. qwerty11


    Just wait till it hits $15 and then buy?
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  3. xandman


    Falling knife. New lows are getting made. Go with the trend.
  4. $15!
    If it hits $15 that’s a huge buy and don’t look at for 5 years
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  5. maxinger


    Epic collapse of KWEB

    Epic double happiness KWEB

    market up - traders earned $$$

    Then market went down - traders continue to earn more $$$

    most likely there will be no more swing trading opportunities over the next few days/weeks.
    So in the near future, no Epic triple happiness.
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  6. Daal


    There are probably excess returns investing in anything called "uninvestable"
  7. KCalhoun


    Thx I'll buy a bit of KWEB if it gets > 45.8 for swing
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  8. %%
    LOL you maybe right.
    But URE[ultra real estate] went from $400 area to 4.44 with much better volume than it has now.
  9. nitrene


    I was surprised to see it rise today since Xi said he wants to redistribute their wealth to the poor masses.

    I think the main problem with the companies inside the KWEB is that most of the trading is done by westerners using some sort of ADR entity that is located in Caribbean tax haven. Nobody in the US really "owns" any of the company. You can't sue Ali Baba if their stock tanks you can only sue the corporate entity.

    Its like everything else the Chinese create -- its just for a one way benefit for the Chinese. DiDi is the ultimate example of that -- an IPO that craters 60% in a mere 5 days.
  10. maxinger


    It went down by 130%.

    Then yesterday it went up by just a few nanometers.
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