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  1. Today's crackhead biotech mover. Maybe an AVNR for the day, maybe just artificial runup. I just get a kick a new cracktech mover each day.:)
  2. sure it will continue to grow cos it is not shortable at ANY broker, may be only MM can "naked short" it
  3. anybody else notice how CRAZY it is moving up???
    juts think: HUGE demand and no way to short at any broker!
    what price can do???
    only continue to rise !!!!!!
  4. gaj


    how do you know there's "no way" to short at any broker?

    it's not on the reg SHO restricted list. i can't get shares, but how do you know "no way"?
  5. I trade @ Genesis, they claims they have one of the largest short lists in the industry and EPCT not shortable even @ Genesis. So I'm 100% sure it is not shortable at ANY retail broker and not shortable at 90% or even more of prop firms!
  6. gaj


    well, i'll have to contact you in a pm later, then, because they're the firm i want to open a new account with *because* of their short list.

    i've shorted EPCT at some point in the past since i recognized the name when it popped up on my pre-mkt list.

    btw, unable to short does NOT mean that it has to keep going up and up. check out AVNR - on the reg SHO list yesterday, one i *hugely* wanted to short (and couldn't). and absolute tankage yesterday.
  7. I don't know, looks like a sucker bet to me but I was wrong about avnr the other day. I'll just watch the rollercoaster.....
  8. Me too and wasn't able to short avnr at open yesterday. Please pm me too for a broker like that with a larger short list. ty
  9. agree at some point, but at the beginning of the run is will continue to rise, I'm sure it will continue to rise very sharply after market opne cos a lot of new buyers will come... may drop in 1 or 2 days, but not now