EPA Administrator Quits

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    Good riddance. But Obama will just put in another ass kissing liberal.

    The Obama administration's chief environmental watchdog, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, is stepping down after a nearly four-year tenure marked by high-profile brawls over global warming pollution, the Keystone XL oil pipeline, new controls on coal-fired plants and several other hot-button issues that affect the nation's economy and people's health.

    Jackson, the agency's first black administrator, constantly found herself caught between administration pledges to solve controversial environmental problems and steady resistance from Republicans and industrial groups who complained that the agency's rules destroyed jobs and made it harder for American companies to compete internationally. The GOP chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Fred Upton, said last year that Jackson would need her own parking spot at the Capitol because he planned to bring her in so frequently for questioning.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/12/27/epa-administrator-lisa-jackson-resigns/#ixzz2GI69ygKQ
  2. She was great, did many great things and will be missed.

  3. Jackson said her greatest accomplishment was declaring that carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas, "endangers" public health - a scientific finding that gave EPA the authority to regulate CO2 emissions from mobile and stationary sources.

    "For example," offered Ms. Jackson, "in 2004 Americans drank almost 24 billion liters of beer resulting in roughly 1.5 million metric tons of CO2 emissions; and that kind of pollution must be stopped."
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    It was only a matter of time before she called for the extermination of humans and other air breathers to save the planet.
  5. Right that colorless odorless gas that puts the fizz in my soda is a pollutant?

    seriously where do you dipshits come from?
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    They come from failed partial birth abortions. Hence, no brain.
  7. I made him crack like the rotten nut that he is.:cool:
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    I had to put FC on ignore quite a while ago. He couldn't offer an honest contribution to this forum even if his mom wrote his posts for him.
  9. Name one?

    The biggest critics of Lisa Jackson were actually from the left. She failed to effectively drive or execute on a single environemental agenda item promoted by the Obama administration. She is probably the one official in his cabinet who was asked to resign rather than resigning on her own.

    Lisa Jackson's tenure as EPA administrator can only be described as a complete failure. She is probably the weakest and most incompetent person to hold the post in decades.
  10. The EPA is one of Obama's best weapons to destroy our economy. He can't have some incompetent affirmative action female running it, not if he is going to really punish the country.
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