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Do you think EOS will continue to bull?

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    EOS, an altcoin linked to an innovative platform for decentralized applications, has been enjoying significant upside lately, outperforming other top cryptocurrencies.

    Reasons behind new high:

    Dan Larimer - also serves as CTO of BlockOne;
    Positive Developments - eToro's recent decision;
    Investment - OK Blockchain Capital intends to invest $100 million in projects.

    Do you think EOS will continue to bull?
  2. m22au


    Over what timeframe?
    And measured in what? US Dollars? Or Bitcoin? Something else?
    People could answer both 'yes' and 'no' and be right, but their timeframe and denominator might be different to yours.

  3. You are right, I should put more detailed information. Thank you.

    From 04/01/2018 till now.
    It's based on US dollars.
  4. Last week the CFO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia Rob Jesudason reportedly signed on with the firm of the founders of the world’s fifth largest cryptocurrency in the market today, Block.one. Block.one is a private company that has developed both the EOS token and the blockchain technology behind it.