EORI Rules just became more complicated

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  1. Gota love the EMU. New rules apply for EORI, I was just notifyed of the new regulations to the EORI for Private Equity dealing in Hard Assets such as Steam Ship lines, Manufacturing, Global Trade. Seem's the EMU is looking to find every bit of "coin" that it can.

    What does an economic operator need to do before starting customs activities in the EU?

    Any economic operator established in the EU needs to have an EORI number. Economic operators established outside the EU have to be assigned an EORI number if they lodge a customs declaration, an Entry or an Exit Summary Declaration. AEO applicants in particular (see above) need to have an EORI number that they must enter in box 9 of the AEO application form (see also the Guidelines on EORI below).

    Moreover, it is irrelevant if the economic operator is a company (legal person) or a natural person. Even an individual needs to have a valid registration number, used by one of the Member States as from 1 July 2009. Many Member States use their current identification systems. As such only new operators should register. In the last case the application should be sent to the relevant authorities of the Member States in which the economic operator is established (in case of EU economic operators) - see also the EORI Guidelines (pdf 314 Kb)(314 Kb) . Online access to EORI is available from our Databases web page.
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    who knows?

    I worked last year but never filed my quarterly statements or whatever those things are called.. my total income is not that much.. should I file or blow it off and wait to see if they catch on?

    I didn't file at all one year in the '70's.. I looked at all that sh^t pile of stuff I was supposed to fill out and it made my stomach churn so I tossed it in the trash.. never heard from the IRS on that one but they might have discovered computers since then... they might catch up with me.. I'll plead ignorance/ insanity and schedule payments I suppose, those things can be settled on the phone...

    There was some joker in Orange County, CA that made something like 11 Billion $ and the IRS didn't know he existed.. he voluntarily went to the bargaining table with them and paid the tiniest percentage, it was unreal, like a tenth of a percent... if you are wealthy you don't have to pay taxes...