EOQ Window Dressing...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by limitdown, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. End of Quarter portfolio window dressing, virtually guarantees the volitility that we're experiencing, as well as the last 45min reversals in the market, and in certain stocks.

    Today, Wednesday, this didn't prove true, with the pattern being shorted instead of being bought in at close of market. There were some orders and some small spark of life towards the EOD trading.

    Would you like to share you trading ideas, adjustments, factors that you adjust around for EOQ WD?
  2. ddefina


    Sure love this indecision in the market today. When things are predictable it's hard to get an edge.
  3. seems that the fake out occurred to day, starting at 2:40pm EST - 3:30pm

    the markets began to tank, and most associated Nasd stocks fell with it.
  4. prox


    Today's volatility killed my trend following system.. but it must have been heaven for scalpers.
  5. actually I saw a lot of dead scalps on the canyons of Broadway when I left the office.

    Scalpers got scalped also. Did anybody notice how many times ARCA kept going down today?

    What's up with that?