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    Has anybody information abouth EOPTION? They advertise very low commissions, but the big question is how reliable and safe they are.
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    I've been with them for a while. Really great customer service, and have had no problems with fills, platform, etc. And, as you mention, great costs.

    Good luck!

  4. The Eoption website gives no insight into what their trading platform looks like.

    I was an IB Client for years until I became a devoted Options trader, which was when the deficiencies of the IB trading platform became a detriment to my trading.

    I had a ToS account but did not like the transaction fee structure, so I continued to struggle with IB's platform.

    Ultimately, the ToS trading interface won the contest, even after I tried TradeKing which was rated #1 in several published broker ratings.

    So as the professional poker players refer to the winning hand as the NUT... ToS, while not the cheapest broker around, had a platform that was so intuitive and illustrative that my trading profits became much easier and faster to interpret than anything else available, so I switched everything I had from IB to ToS.

    Doesn't mean that Eoption is bad... it just means that I personally am able to evaluate my own trades more quickly, accurately and therefore more profitably with ToS.

    So while I don't mind being with a broker that is not the cheapest, ToS matches my need for quick Option analytics and subsequently profits. But hey, good luck with wherever your decision leads you.