eOption.com - is this a good broker

Discussion in 'Options' started by rocky_raccoon, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Does anyone have any experience with eOption.com?

    Their commissions are good ($3+.10/contract for each leg) but they have some extra fees (paper statements, inactivity, etc.) and I wonder if these fees are avoidable.

    How does it compare with other broker in terms of trade execution?
    If they use the same clearing company (Apex) as many other brokers, does it mean that the execution should be the same?

    Does execution depend on the broker at all?

  2. Nobody is using eOption?
  3. I think they're ok. Execution seems a bit slower, but still acceptable for me.
    If you get electronic statements, then no statement fees. There are no maintenance fees.

    Come tax time, you have to create your own txf file to generate your options trades for Box C transactions on form 8949. The txf file that you get from Apex only includes Box A (and Box B, probably).