EOG stock sink or swim?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by JosephF, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. JosephF


    I've been watching EOG for about five years now. It is an energy company that was doing well at a high of 140 till the crash where it is at low 60's. I believe it will exceed its 140 limit by next year. What do you guys think, buy now, wait awhile, or do the italian and forget about.
  2. the stock price might continue to fall down for some time but I think it is to recover very soon. well, that's only what I think :cool:
  3. yayt


    it looks like its consolidating, whichever way it goes it seems like it'll be a big move (whether up or down)
  4. yayt thinks correctly
  5. yayt


    there we have it, think it may be time to go long (oil industry in general seems to be heading up because of positive analyst notes)
  6. for the present situation, it's better to go long than to short, at least in some cases