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  1. Hi,

    I've been downloading data from eoddata.com but am missing the data for the following 2 dates:


    The exchanges in question are:

    AMEX	American Stock Exchange
    FOREX	Foreign Exchange
    INDEX	Global Indices
    HKSE	Hong Kong Stock Exchange
    LSE	London Stock Exchange
    NASDAQ	NASDAQ Stock Exchange
    NYSE	New York Stock Exchange
    OBB	OTC Bulletin Board
    SGX	Singapore Stock Exchange
    TSE	Toronto Stock Exchange
    I would be grateful if anyone could send me these missing files.

    I'm using the EzyCharts format, i.e.

    ticker, date, open, high, low, close, vol, oi
    A, 051223, 35, 35.15, 34.8, 34.9, 1277800
    but any other format would be fine.

    I think the files should fit as an zipped attachment here but if not, please send to:

    choppystride at yahoo dot com.

    Thank you for your help.