EOD Swing/Position Journal

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  1. Hi. I have been working on an EOD method for quite some time. I believe it should be very profitable in practice.

    Unfortunately I don't have any money, and am not likely to have much anytime soon. If you search my earlier posts you will find that about 4 years ago I was a broke 19 year single ski bum trying to trade for a living with 3k or something silly, because the best job I could get paid $7 hr.

    I'm married now, and have a child. I've been playing poker full time and made like 70k last year. Unfortunately, all that money has evaporated thanks to IRS and an expensive pregnancy, including an airlift for the wife.

    Do to personal and family reasons, I have to quit poker in the near future. My chances now of saving up 15k+ are like 3%.

    For this reason I have decided to try and sell stock picks. I made a website to do that. I will never post the address here, or give any info that will allow anyone to find it. Don't PM me, because I won't give it. I don't want to break the rules here and get kicked off.

    I am going to post the picks here because I figure I can get the harshest criticism in the world on this site. I figure if my system looks good to the ET crowd it will get me somewhere.

    Enough about me!

    The method is a pullback method. It is a system, but it is discretionary. It is closer to a position trading method than a swing trading method.

    All trades are based on EOD data. No intraday whatsoever.

    When a trade is identified, entry is at open the next day, unless there is a huge gap or something. Stop loss is the standard above/below pullback point. It must close outside the stop loss to get triggered.

    Stop losses are quickly moved to breakeven if it moves in our favour. My exit strategy for the winners I don't plan on sharing.

    I'll post charts with this weeks picks soon.
  2. Good luck with your new service and new baby. I look forward to reviewing your picks.
  3. MAT long 4/2 so entry at open next day.
  4. NHWK Short 4/2. The day we entered it moved enough in our favor to move stop to breakeven. Unfortunately it gapped big next day, so out at the open for a small loss.

    I forgot to mention, when stop is moved to breakeven that is an intraday stop order. The idea is to not let small winners turn into losers.

    This cuts out on some big winners occassionaly, but I like the overall effect it has on results.
  5. 4/3 long NCR
    4/4 short GPI
    4/4 long WNR

    Remember entry next day open, unless there is a big gap either way.

    I won't bother posting charts for these, they are all just pullbacks. I'll post charts if interesting stuff happens with them.

    I try to pick a long and a short every day if there is a good candidate. I'm not exactly restricted by capital lol.
  6. 4/5 LONG BYI

    I just discovered collective2. Very cool! I signed up and hopefully that will give me some good business after a while.