EOD Rally prediction 12/1/08

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by peilthetraveler, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. joash99


    You would make a great risk manager...
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  2. Even Stocktrader 3 did not agree with this call:D ....he is still trying to hijack the local ATM:mad:
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  3. Ah look at that now. Looks like Im wrong so far...Dow is down 500 points now.

    Interesting what you say about human behavior. Actually whenever i make predictions and keep them to myself...they almost always come true. Seems like when i post them for the world to see, it will happen exactly the opposite of what i say. Good thing I dont daytrade anymore and i hold all my positions for months now.
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  4. This is looking more and more like the elusive 10% category you spoke of.

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  5. zwib


    I think if you are dumb enough to make an entire topic with your not thought out at all call and it's wrong, then you should automatically be added to everyone's ignore list.

    That's what I think.
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  6. 90% of the time, it almost always goes up.


    Is today included in 10% of the time, or is it an outlier of almost always?


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  7. I cant remember the movie or even if this quote is 100% accurate but it goes something like

    "My shit ALWAYS works sometimes"

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  8. Boy i sure called that one wrong huh? Hope not too many of you followed that call. Down almost 700 points now....if I didnt wait so long, i would've gone back and edited my first post and said "Put a stop loss if the dow goes down to -425"
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  9. lol all these prediction threads getting moved to chit chat
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