EOD Rally prediction 12/1/08

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  1. So how far up will the DOW go end of day today?

    Im guess it will take us up at least 300 points by end of day. Worst case scenario, it stays exactly where its at....So going long right now looks like a great bet. Lets see where we are in an hour.
  2. Whats the point of making predictions if you have no or provide no reasoning for it?

    Anyone can say "we are going to tank" or "we are going to the moon". Why though? Just because we are down alot? Please don't say that the reason :p
  3. S&P finish the day at 875 at most...
    for what its worth I'm not in a trade.
  4. Because 90% of the time, when the dow is down right from the start of the day and then stays flat all day, it almost ALWAYS goes up end of day. Basically no real economic reason other than everyone sees the dow has been flat all day and expects a rally end of day, but everyone is waiting for it to get started before they jump on board.

    Oh i should state that the dow is down about 400 points as of this post so if we close down only 100 then i get bragging rights for 2 minutes before this post gets completely forgotten about.
  5. Down 10% as the PPT is not yet back from Thanksgiving. Government workers...
  6. I think you've really revealed the true reason for your prediction...ego :)

    On a side note, not against you in particular Peil, but its amazing how humans would rather be right and can show others they were right, rather than keep quiet (knowing that predictions aren't the best way) and just make money.

  7. BSAM


    Man, dude WTF is your problem?
  8. I guess you are not interested in human behavior. Funny thing is, trading is all about human behavior. Maybe you've been on the wrong website for almost 10 yrs :D

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    Maybe you were raised outside.
  10. Good one :p
    as we speak, another "prediction" appears to be going by the wayside. Shocker.

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