EOD OHLC Circuit City data

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  1. Hello to all,

    I am looking for the EOD OHLC stock prices for just a single symbol: Circuit City {CC} from the time they opened on the NYSE on 6/21/1984 to when they closed their doors in 2009. Does anyone know where I can get just this data set?

    Thank you for your Time
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  3. ZBZB, thank you for taking the time to respond to my query. I went to the site but when I search their database for Circuit City or the symbol CC they do not have any data for this company.
  4. ok now that I have checked under the NASDAQ it is showing they do have this data, so thank you
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    You have to contact sales at csidata for the delisted stocks. Interesting that you can get it free at Nasdaq.
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    None of the above have complete data (and most of the sources mentioned do not have delisted data, so don't even offer it). I use Norgate which shows Circuit City data back to 1968 and finishing in Sep 27 2011.
  7. jharmon thank you for taking the time to reply. As it stand now I have the data I was looking for. In the future I will keep Norgate in mind.

    Again thank you
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