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  1. Does anyone know where I can get FREE closing prices on historical option strings. I do not want intraday historical prices just the closing prices
  2. Can anyone help me out with the above question?
  3. Doesn't exist ...
  4. Thanks for the reply metooxx,
    do you know why it does not exist, is it because there is an assumption that no one would be interested in this information and hence no one bothers to provide it.
  5. Maybe it's that many people are interested in this information so thus no one wants to give it away for free.
  6. Expensive;

    Limited Market.
  7. sv651


    I've heard that TrackData (800-275-5544) has historical options data, but I haven't verified this.

    Also, OptionVue's software has historical data, but the software is very expensive & I'm not sure how easy it would be to export the data (assuming you wanted to go beyond OptionVue's own backtesting module.)

  8. The original question was "free" ...
  9. CME has closing values for their options and bigcharts has options chains. HIstorical is the difficult part.
  10. If trading is really in your long-term future, you could start collecting the needed EOD data today. As EliteThink said, Bigcharts.com has free delayed quotes on options chains, just no historical data. But if you download the data at the end-of-day every day, you can accumulate your own historical data time series (a bit'o HTML or scripting can speed the acquisition process, too).

    By the time you have been trading for a few years, you will have a few years of accumulated historical data. Admittedly, its not a strategy for the impatient or the non-dedicated, but its the only way to get historical time series that are either too expensive or never archived.

    Happy downloading,
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