EOD Data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by 00silverstreak, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Just a quick question. What company are most of you using for your data? Historical eod etc. I ask because the company I was using has shafted me with incorrect data. I downloaded the file for the 18th and found that all of the closings were wrong. This has made me pretty mad because it has lost me time, and money. So, who do you use, and has their data ever been wrong?

  2. No ones data is perfect. I started using EODData.com and Im happy with the service. I can get almost any index in the world. I recently tested japanese data and it was quality. Maybe one missed split out of 5000 or so stocks traded. The only thing is you have to register one index for 6 months to get old data. So its about $66 u.s total for 6 months access to japanese stocks. Alternatively, its $40 u.s a month for all world stocks. To me thats a deal.
  3. Thats who I have been using. Eoddata. So far they have been good up untill yesterday but apparently, they arent the only ones that muffed their closings with after hours results.