EOD data of Japan and China market in MetaStock format

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by sztracyh, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Does any one know where I can find EOD data of the equity market of China (Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange), as well as Japanese market, in MetaStock format?

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    Thanks, Just21.

    I have tried that, and the problem I found was that the data is stored on the server, it takes ages to run an Explorer. To download the data to my computer, they told me that I have to set-up the Security first and I will have to responsible for maintaining the Symbol on an on-going basis, also it will takes long to download the data. Can you give me so suggestions how to improve the above problems, please?

    Thanks again for your advice!
  4. Use The Downloader (it comes with Metastock or a subscription to Reuters Datalink) if you're only interested in EOD data. It's a very convenient program, and allows you to update symbols from a library maintained by Equis. I use it to download data for thousands of stocks overnight, and it works perfectly. Data is cleaned and split-adjusted.

    Equis told me that it doens't work with their (intra-day) Quotecenter subscription.