EOD Data for Example Chart in Richard D. Wyckoff Course

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  1. I am studying about "Richard D. Wyckoff Course in Stock Market Science and Technique" It is a great course but the chart example in this course is quite blear ( not clear). or example: I can not know background before example chart, i can not know the result later, it is defficult to compare a bar with another bar ( vol and price is quite far from each other).

    I love to understand deeply this cousre so i want to view example chart in Amibroker or metastock. unfortunaly, I can not find EOD data of these chart to input it to Amibroker because almost the example is before 1970 and some is not list in exchange anymore, some may be M&A (mergers & acquisitions).

    here is name of stock example i noted from basic lecture and Lession example:
    or google document link: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spre...hl=en_US#gid=0

    If anyone have this data please kindly share it to me ( or guide me how and where i can take this data)

    many many thanks for your helps
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    neither link works. If you write what he is trying to illustrate[uptrend, sideways trend, downtrend...], we can give you a current example.

    Usually answer a post with in 20 or 50 days:cool:;
    not a prediction :D
  3. The google document link is die ( hix i dont know why) but the mediafire is work.

    It dont mean that I need a current example, i love to understand deeply what the Authors tell me in that example so i want to view the example in my software (amibroker, metastock)

    Thanks in advance
  4. any brothers experience in finding this EOD data, please give me a helps.

    I am still looking for this data. it is very important for me

    Thanks thanks