Envy: A theory of social behavior

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  1. Has anyone read this book?

    Basically it says that we are envy driven people. Most laws and statues are created to "level" the playing field, but in actuality they are bring those the "public" feels has "too much" down to their "level".

    It is a fascinating book. This guy predicted the outcome of public and international policy back in 1967.

    For example, we cannot assist Iraq because they have extreme envy of the west, and any assistance will remind them daily of the fact that they have not reach our level of advancement.

    Aid does not make poor nations and individuals grateful. It makes them envious, and they will eventually come back to bite the hand that fed them.

    Envy is bred among the nearly equal. So traders can be envious of each other, also. Maybe that is where revenge trading comes from.

    Religion is considered a way to put balm on envy. It is a way to ease the obvious and inevitable inequalites among us. That is why if you know the religion of a culture, you will know it's social dynamic, by and large.

    Envy also dominates most social interactions, because there is no way not compare one with another.

    Envy drives society.....

    What do you think?:mad: :cool:
  2. yes, i have the book by helmut schoeck. i find the theory fascinating and able to explain many social constructs. i strongly recommend the book.

    thanks for posting !