Envision EN9410 19" LCD Monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by foo, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. foo


    Anybody running these? I was thinking about buying a few. Let me know what you think of them compared to the Dell's.
  2. I have an older one. Works just fine, but large bezel, so its a waste of space if you put several next to each other.

  3. foo


    Thanks for the info--I'll have to check out the samsungs--
  4. There are several tabs to page through in link one...read it...you will see why I just bought two of them...These will last till the next generation of monitors...

    There are certain times and prices to buy...get the sweet spot! and the time to enjoy :)

    Michael B.

    P.S. The next time to buy is when the 23" LCD monitors come down in price...but we must endure the introduction period of the 21" LCD's first...in 3-5 years I will be ready...

    P.P.S. It's tough to price shop this model...the prices have leveled off...it is a benchmark...just buy convienence and go to your local CompUSA...forget the internet deals for now...on this model. I got 10 bucks off each one because the salesman liked me at the store...(very rare). by the way never buy that crap warranty they try to sell you...the monitor has a three year manufacturer warranty (save your 75 bucks!)

  5. By the way Samsung has an awesome 19" detachable monitor on their new Notebook computer in Japan...

    Sony and Samsung are really great companies...

    Dell just puts their name on stuff...

    sorry to detract...
  6. lundy


    I have seen the envision 19" lcd's in action. They are really good. Better than dell.
  7. Risk3


    ViewSonic is my choice.
  8. One of the PC magazines did their "Best Manufacturer of 2005" reader's poll and showed Samsung and Viewsonic tied for 1st place in LCDs... Dell was 3rd.
  9. samsung's cheap & v.good, agree...
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