Entry into an ES trades almost always cause a one tick loss

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  1. ES almost always cause a one tick loss upon entry unless it is a very moving market going in your direction.

    Is there a term for this? slippage or spread?

    As a retail players, a tick is often lost simply to get in a trade, another tick tick may be lost to get out.

    Is this better with YM, NQ & TS other than their ticks is only $5 each. An ES tick is 12.5
  2. yeah, its called a spread, duh.

    you can sit on the bid or offer and hope to get filled though. Although usually when you'r right, you wont get filled..

    you can counter that by getting your order in well in advance to try to be early in the que.

    I think programs sit on every price level and just cancel in a fraction of a second if need be.

    Thats why even when you put your limit order in what you think is early, it still feels like you're last in line.
  3. Thanks. That was my frustration.

    When I was right with the precise entry, order was not filled. It only gets filled when I am a little off and it is going against me a bit or a lot.

    Limit at market orders isn't available on my platform.
  4. auspiv


    Can't you just submit a buy limit order at the ask?
  5. ES tick size is a joke, I rarely trade it anymore, NQ is the new hot market IMO. On a rare few occasions though if your trading really small, market orders might work ok for you on ES. I have done it a few times with almost never any slippage.

  6. I don't know but I'm with MBT and always get my price and some times if the market is on the mouve I get beter fill than my limit order.
  7. How clueless are you?

    That has nothing at all to do with limit or market orders.

    For all practical purposes it is impossible for Timber Hill to collect anything on customer futures orders.
  8. I too prefer the NQ. I like the way it moves and I get good fills.
  9. you can always trade SPY, penny spread if that makes you feel better.

    probably won't help you though.
  10. Can't daytrade SPY with less US$25,000! You can trade ES for US$2,500 or less!
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