Entry/Exit Efficency average line missing in NT 8

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    I was hoping someone would have an idea on this as I am on bad 3g data only where I am today. :)

    This is discretionary NT 8 trading for the past while. I have just moved from 7 to 8.

    I am missing the blue line average? Is it just gone in 8 or just a setting I am blind to?



    From NT support showing the line should be in NT 7 at least:
    "Thank you for reaching out to us. Entry efficiency shows the percentage of an available trading range that a strategy captures (ex. it shows whether your strategy is entering positions at a good price). This window of time starts on the bar where a trade entered the market. This window closes when the trade exits. Entry efficiency for long positions is determined by this formula: (maximum price seen - entry price) / (maximum price seen - minimum price seen). Entry efficiency for short positions is the same formula reversed. The blue line on any efficiency graph represents the average. So to your example, 65% efficiency is better than 60% efficiency. Once you know the entry efficiency, you can make strategy adjustments to improve your strategy's overall performance (ex. If you have poor entry efficiency, you may want to find a way to enter trades at a point when the buy price is closer to the lowest price.)
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