Entries: What Do You Fear More?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by milktruck, Jul 19, 2009.

What do you fear most? (not that you are trading emotionally haha)

  1. Missing the potential move you predict

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  2. Taking a less than optimal entry

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  1. Just curious.

    I like longs on a retracement to support in an uptrend, but when you enter on limits there is always the question of "are you going to get your fill?"

    I think the art is obviously in waiting for a reasonable fill but not necessarily being a perfectionist, and having rules reflecting this that you are comfortable with. Improving my patience for good entries improved my results by allowing me to trade larger for smaller moves to get the same R:R, but its still frustrating to miss a move.

    Thats me tho.
  2. Loosing money !