Entrepreneurialism vs. Institutionalization

Discussion in 'Trading' started by misctrader, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. hi ETers,

    I was wondering do you guys think will there ever be another Richard Dennis, Ed Seykota, Bruce Kovner, and other Market Wizards who basically started on a shoestring and ran up to millions and millions??

    Or has everything become so institutionalized now that you have to go the well worn path - going to a good school, working for an ibank move up(hopefully one day make it to MD), or start a hf , etc. to do well?

    I would like to hear a success story from your ETers 5yrs from now. There must a needle in a haystack somewhere. It would be very sad if the answer is no, it's not possible. The great American entrepreneurial spirit has to be alive and well. And no where is it more entrepeneurial than in the capital markets right?

    Sure, guys like sle are doing well as quants etc. but still not the 7 or 8 figures that legends are made of.

    I wonder if it's still possible to have that in this environment or do you think everything has been institutionalized and no more individuality left...